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We have a saying where I'm from "once you have physical access to a machine, game is over." Well ATMs are thought to be special because they are super secure and physical access is kind of a requirement for them. You would think their manufacturers, providers, customers, someone would demand better security from these literal money machines. Do they? You decide. Here are a couple pictures that might help you make up your mind: The first one is courtesy of Rick Deacon (@rickdeaconx on twitter): I don't know about you but that looks like a Windows blue screen of death. Now I'm not going to go all "anti windowsy" on you here but really? To be perfectly honest I'm not sure I'd trust Linux out there on its own to run what is literally a money machine. I think some sort of purpose built OS that was chip based would be more ideal to running money machines. Eh, what do I know... (more)

IPS Updates, Splunk, Check Point and You

IPS Updates, Splunk, Check Point and You How I Learned to Stop Hating the Term “Zero-Day” but Not Really By: Bill Mathews Zero Day attacks – you know, the ones that almost EVERY signature in your IPS claim to protect you against? Yep those guys, nasty little things. Basically, if IPS vendors are to be believed, those are the things that don’t have a patch yet and have active exploits against them. You update your IPS signatures and BOOM protection from zero day! The problem we always run into, and this is with almost every IPS vendor so I’m not just picking on Check Point here, is... (more)

Alternative Search Engines for the Contemporary User

Alternative Search Engines for the Contemporary User by Michael Yanovich When on the Internet, how do you find things? Many use a search engine. Currently the most popular search engines that people flock to are Google, Yahoo, Baidu, and Bing. As of January 2011 approximately 98% of all web searches are done on these sites. However, there are quite a lot of other search engines that make up the smaller 2%. Some with many features that aren’t available from the big four. Here are a few that tend to come up often in Internet discussions for being unique with features and results. b... (more)

Encrypt My Information, Please

By: Leigh Goldie For the last few months, security breaches have been on the rise (or let’s just say have been receiving more news coverage). We have seen countless stories of large, popular websites being compromised by unknown, or later identified, hackers. The quest, it seems, is to determine how easy it is to access the personal information of customers from any popular company. The hackers are proud of their accomplishments, as they have gained access to tens of millions of users account information. But it seems they have a message for corporations – encrypt your customers... (more)

Beacon Podcast – Episode 038

Hurricane Labs Beacon Podcast Episode Number: .038 – Tom Has Friends Edition Hosts: Bill Mathews (@billford), Ian Gillespie (@ianisgood), Patrick Sayler (@psayler), Tom Kopchak SECURITY RSA Distributed Credential Protection Pacemaker hacker says worm could possibly ‘commit mass murder’ Android Play Store adding malware scanner US congress rules Huawei a ‘security threat’ TECH Congressman warns FTC: Leave Google alone Verizon, AT&T sell users’ browsing, location histories to marketers How to Make Your Boss Angry — Bad Linux Sysadmin Practices Splunk – Tips and Tricks for the new guy Readin... (more)